For Men

It’s time for men to remember their true masculine potency.

Men come to me when they want to know themselves outside of the projection of the wounded feminine, the needs of a woman who wants something from them, the trauma-bonding of dysfunctional relationships and childhood.

What people say


“I’m recently divorced. Things have changed so much since I dated and I have no idea how to get back in the game.”

I keep attracting the wrong women. Everytime I think I’m in something new and better, it just ends up being the same broken record all over again. I know the common denominator is me.”

I want to reclaim by masculine power without being “toxic masculine”. My potency and masculinity has diminished in this new-age climate.”

“I’ve done men’s work, but I’m still blocked when it comes to what is possible in sex. I think I need a trustable woman’s perspective. I’m ready to become a Sex-God.”

I’ve been rejected so many times by the type of woman I want that I don’t know what to do next. I’m ready for some new tools.”
“I have everything I could ever want being a successful bachelor, but I’m ready to wake up next to someone everyday without compromising my standards just to have a partner.”

If this sounds like you...

I'm here to guide you

so that you can...

If you want to live and fuck from your full potential...



Once I receive your application, we will have a conversation to assess if we are a good fit to work together. If we are aligned, I’ll recommend one of my three – six-month customized packages.

In our sessions we will unwind the patterns that are no longer serving you and implement new habits and strategies to support you in achieving your goals.

I’m here to meet you in your potential and offer you the tools and insights to step up and own the king you are. With a combination of practical step-by-step techniques and my mystic, quantum-leaping, feminine genius you discover the secrets of what women actually want and how you can deliver.

To be explicit: I work with men who are laser-focused on their personal growth and are looking for a trustable, high-integrity facilitator to support their journey. Under no circumstance do I engage in sexual activity with my clients.

This work is


The truth is, words don’t break patterns, actions do. 

Through a multimodality approach, I support you in creating a safe space to explore intimacy and desire. We efficiently address the blindspots that are holding you back from your ultimate intentions. Through somatic practices, we will reprogram subconscious patterns which will allow you to discover new ways of being in your masculinity.

This work is

out of the box

It’s not traditional therapy.

This work is unlike anything you have experienced. My customized strategies combine multiple approaches to yield paradigm-shifting results.

Many men have PTSD-like symptoms from the shame, blame and projection they’ve received from the wounded feminine and cultural narrative. Through holding a space of full acceptance and accurate reflection, I support the recalibration of your masculinity, desire and sexual power as a gift to the feminine.

This work is

accelerated and sustainable

Men who commit to this work receive instant ROI.

Some people go to therapy for a decade and are still working on the same issues. Some read tons of personal development books but the knowledge remains stuck in the mind. Some try a new technique once and then get complacent. This work offers an alternative path. With me as their ally, men choose to break through their wounded masculine patterning and stand unapologetically in their power.

This is for you if...

This is NOT for you if...

If you want to stand unapologetically in your power...