For Couples

Couples who plug into their erotic power source, together, experience massive shifts.

Couples who plug into their erotic power source, together, experience massive shifts not only in their relationship but also in business, purpose, and their overall quality of life.

Couples come to me when they love each other and want to get on the same page sexually. They have a great partnership already and they want to know how to turn their erotic life into their launchpad.

What people say


“We thought we were in for a hot threesome, but something went wrong and it has never been the same. Our connection feels distant and strained.
Sex has started to feel like a chore. I’m not turned on by the little things anymore. We are not on the same page with our desires and sex drive.”
I hear people talking about earth-shattering orgasms and life-changing love making. Our sex life is good, but if we’re honest it’s not “life-changing”. We’re open and curious about trying a new approach. We just don’t know where to start.
“We’re past the seven year itch and surprise! We still love each other. Yet sometimes, in the bedroom, it’s like we’re not even speaking the same language. I get overly sensitive and frustrated. I know he’s really trying to give me what I want. We want to find our flow again.
“We’re best friends. We don’t fight. We have great sex. Our children and our careers are flourishing. We’ve been able to do this because we’re a growth oriented couple. We want to keep growing together and we feel the key to our next breakthrough in life lies in the bedroom.”

If this sounds like you...

I'm here to guide you

through the labyrinth of intimate possibility, so that as a couple you can...

Ready for your relationship to be the catalyst for your potential?



Once I receive your application, we will have a conversation to assess if we are a good fit to work together. If we are aligned, I’ll recommend one of my three – six-month customized packages.

This is more dynamic than ordinary talk therapy sessions. In this container we have ample time to get to the heart of what really wants to be experienced and expressed by both individuals. 

Now for the fun part: put your intentions and desires into immediate practice with the support of tangible exercises and rituals. I help you eliminate patterns that are no longer serving you, creating the fertile ground for your truest co-creation of partnership.

This work is


The truth is, words don’t break patterns, actions do.

Through a multimodality approach I support you in creating a safe space for exploration of intimacy and desire. We efficiently address the blindspots that are holding you back from your ultimate intentions. This is not over-processing, over-talking or rehashing the same issue over and over again. Through somatic practices, we will unwind subconscious patterns which will allow you to discover new ways of being in your erotic expression.

This work is

out of the box

It’s not traditional sex therapy.

I use some “out of the box” approaches that may be different than anything you’ve ever experienced. Combining multiple approaches, I create a custom approach to meet your unique needs to yield the tangible results that you desire. For most couples, sex becomes a hot, passionate and deeply intimate ritual that they look forward to. With my guidance, their sex-life becomes one of their greatest teachers.

This work is

accelerated and sustainable

Devotion and focus can give you instant ROI

Some people go to therapy for a decade and are still working on the same issues. Some read tons of personal development books but the knowledge remains stuck in the mind. Some try some sexy thing once, and then they get complacent. I serve couples who are interested in the sustainable, accelerated-growth path, where conflict becomes an invitation to deeper intimacy. Through this journey, they cultivate a relationship and sex life of their chosen ethos, and a relational flow state becomes their new normal.


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