If you are reading this, you are probably considering relationship coaching.
There are many reasons why you would want to see a Sex & Relationship Coach.

Here are a few:

  • You have a good relationship and you desire a spectacular one.
  • You feel stifled in communication with your partner.
  • You are concerned you might be slipping into a mediocre relationship where agitated tension is the norm and passion, fun, and deep intimacy are only occasional.
  • You are blasé with the day in and day out and feel preoccupied with life’s duties, the erotic spark seems distant and strained.
  • You are successful in business but your intimate life lacks lustre.
  • You are thinking about cheating, or maybe already have…

How is your Relationship ROI? Jamie supports influential, awakening professional, and entrepreneurial couples who have an urgent desire to achieve their relationship vision. She works with each couple intensively for 2-6 months.  Discover how to fearlessly communicate your authentic desire, and listen to your partners desire without reaction, judgement, or blame.  Watch how transforming the closest relationship in your life sets a new president, and up levels the rest of your life.  

Couples who do this work experience deeper intimacy, the ability to communicate ANYTHING with a new ease, and ignite the erotic spark deep down they know is possible. It’s like hitting a ‘reset’ button on your relationship.

Clients learn to:

  • Have even the most difficult and sensitive conversations without reaction.
  • Safely let your partner all the way in to where the juicy vulnerability lies.
  • Share your deepest and even darkest desires without fear of being judged.
  • Communicate boundaries with love.
  • Get your most intimate needs met and meet the needs of your partner.
  • Stop projecting past relationships onto your partner.
  • Never have that ‘vicious circle’ fight again.


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Not sure how to talk to your partner about getting coaching?
Follow these three steps:


Prepare yourself

Before you even think about approaching your partner tap into the part of you that remembers what drew you together in the beginning. Find the love you still have inside, and the place within that authentically wants to see your relationship succeed. Approach with love and compassion for your partner.

Set up for success 

Look for a moment where you are both relaxed. Don’t have this conversation when they are preoccupied with work, on devices, or in a stressful moment. If they are doing something, with a gentle tone, let them know you would like to have a conversation before launching into it.

Look them in the eye with warmth and an inner smile, remembering the person you love and the relationship you are standing for. “Hey babe, can I talk to you about something?”

Sample conversations

For couples who are having trouble:

“I know we have been having some challenges lately and I take responsibility for my part in that. I love you and I know we can transform this relationship back into something amazing, but I think we need some support. I found a relationship coach who specializes in working with couples like us and I’m wondering if you would be willing to join me in a Skype call with her to see how she can help us?”

For couples who are ready to up-level their relationship:

“We have an amazing relationship and I know we are both interested in growing as individuals and together.  Have you ever thought about taking our relationship to the next level?  I’m imagining the next level of expansion with masterful communication, even more passion – maybe finding a new edge, radiating together personally and professionally. I’m ready to use our relationship as a way to explore our full potential, learn all the lessons our souls are together to learn, and shed any layers that are in the way of our evolution in this lifetime. Are you open to exploring this with me?  I found a coach who specializes in working with couples and I’m wondering, would you be willing to join me in a Skype call with her to see how she can help us up-level our partnership and impact even more people?”


request discovery session


Jamie’s schedule is currently on a wait list, but she would love to hear from you.
To request a complimentary discovery session please fill out the ‘discovery session application’ below.


Jamie takes each of her clients very seriously and works with a limited number of couples at a time to ensure a high-level, intensive coaching experience. If you are seeing this you probably have an idea of who Jamie is, and are ready to make a change. Jamie only works with couples who she knows she can help, and who are ready to show up and take action, so this application helps her get a feel for who you are.

Upon receiving this application she may offer a time in her calendar to connect with you and your partner for a few minutes separately first, and then if everyone wants to proceed she will set up a complimentary discovery call for both of you together via Skype. The discovery call is a life changing opportunity to get valuable insight about the unseen dynamics that are affecting your relationship and see how to create a new paradigm – free of these issues. It will be clear if you are in alignment and desire to move forward with creating this shift.