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Please Note:
Jamie’s schedule is currently on a wait list, but she would love to hear from you.  To request a complimentary discovery session please fill out the ‘discovery session application’ below.

Jamie takes each of her clients very seriously and works with a limited number of couples at a time to ensure a high-level, intensive coaching experience. If you are seeing this you probably have an idea of who Jamie is, and are ready to take action. Jamie only works with couples who she knows she can help, and who are ready to show up and take action, so this application helps her get a feel for who you are. Upon receiving she may offer a time in her calendar to connect with you and your partner for a few minutes separately first, and then if everyone wants to proceed she will set up a complimentary discovery call for both of you together via Skype. The discovery call is a life changing opportunity to get valuable insight about the unseen dynamics that are affecting your relationship and see how to create a new dynamic that better serves your relationship. If it’s a fit Jamie will offer you her coaching program.