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Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg


The yoni egg practice has withstood the test of time, dating back over 5,000 years ago, when the practice was first used in Taoist traditions. The yoni egg aids women in becoming more connected with their feminine body and orgasmic potential, as well as allows them to strengthen their pelvic muscles. It’s like yoga for your vagina. It’s common for women to experience a plethora of emotional benefits while using the yoni egg from increased confidence to feeling more relaxed and connected to their bodies. The yoni egg is the perfect addition to your journey of reclaiming your feminine power. 

Our yoni eggs are drilled and come with string because using resistance training with string is the way to get the most benefit out of your yoni egg practice.

Our organic unwaxed silk yoni egg string is included with yoni egg.


  • 1 x Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg
  • Medium size 30x43mm (best size to start)
  • DRILLED with string included – put the string thru your yoni egg
  • Velvet silk-lined satchel for safe keeping
  • Discrete packaging
  • Ships globally from Calgary, Canada

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Learn how to use your yoni egg as a part of your feminine awakening HERE.


In sanskrit yoni means “sacred gate”. Your yoni (vagina) is a portal into the power of your feminine essence. The Yoni Egg is an egg-shaped semi-precious stone utilized for multi-faceted healing and toning the pelvic floor while inside the vagina. It’s like yoga for your vagina.

Miraculous Benefits Of Yoni Egg Practice

  • Embracing your yoni and sexuality
  • Reinvigorate your libido and sexual passion 
  • Enjoy a stronger pelvic floor and therefore more powerful orgasms 
  • Learn to control your pelvic floor muscles
  • A strong, toned vagina results in more pleasure for you and your partner 
  • Reduction in cramps and other PMS symptoms 
  • Lessening menopausal symptoms with vaginal lubrication and balance of estrogen levels 
  • Healing from traumatic sexual experiences 
  • Stabilize your pelvic floor so you prevent life force from leaking out your vagina

Get The Most Out Of Yoni Eggs

Our yoni eggs are drilled and include string. Why? Because one will get a lot more out of their yoni egg practice with resistance training. A lot of women are not getting the value out of their yoni egg because they are not using the resistance made possible with string. Pulling on the string tied to the egg while the egg is inside the vagina is what builds the muscle tone and gives you a strong vagina. 

Thread the string through the drilled hole in the egg and create resistance utilizing your PC muscles to keep the egg in place while pulling on the string. When you do this while engaging specific practices of focusing on sensation, breath and visualization you can completely rejuvenate your yoni and increase your orgasmic capacity. 

More about how to use yoni egg properly in our Awakening Your Erotic Muse Course.