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Turn On Your Erotic Wiring™

Have you ever wondered exactly what your partner wants in bed?

Do you wish you had the language and courage to tell them exactly what you want?

Ever wonder how to have the sex the deepest part of your soul wants to be having?

Perhaps you are committed to living outside the box and evolving through sex, and you’re wondering what else is on the menu?

If you discovered a menu of everything that is possible to experience erotically, what would you order?


-W.S. & K.B.

“Jamie’s erotic menu gave me a unique way of translating what my partner has been trying to tell me for years into something I can understand.”
-A.D. & L.P.


  • Discovering a menu breaking down one of the most illusive experiences we have as human beings. SEX. 
  • Having the tools to know what’s missing in the recipe of your current intimate relationship and the language to talk about it openly.
  • Create your own creative and delicious erotic recipes… again and again and again… 🙂

It’s time to Turn On Your Erotic Wiring™

Join me on a 6 week journey to unleash the power buried in your sex.

Sex is sacred, raw, dirty and sweet. You get to have it all.


Who is this for?

  • If you are a growth oriented couple or individual who wants to up level your erotic game and better understand whats going to leave you satiated, fulfilled and deeply met this is for you.
  •  If you’re dating: Knowing someone’s Erotic Wiring™ will help you understand what they actually want in intimacy and sex.
  • If you’re in a relationship: Erotic Wiring™ will give you an expanded menu and framework to safely explore new recipes of eroticism you never even thought of.
  • If you are committed to being single: Discovering your own Erotic Wiring™, your deepest desires and blind spots will deepen your connection with your own sexual power that you can take outside the bedroom.
  • If you are an entrepreneur or visionary who is impact oriented and you don’t have a practice dedicated to cultivated your erotic wiring you are selling yourself short. This is specifically made for your to unleash your self and connect to your power in a way you can’t even see yet. Our sex and our erotic desire illuminates blind spots in our every day life. This is a structure to explore new parts of yourself and tap into yourself as the source of creating anything you want in the bedroom and your business, mission and purpose.
What will I get?

  • A context and space for you (and your partner) to explore the erotic menu safely and with freedom… from the taboo and the raw passion, to the deeply intimate and spiritual
  • A practice to liberate you from any and all shame around your sexual desire, preferences, past and current relationships, reactions and rejections from your partner 
  • The tools to communicate openly about your specific desires in sex and intimacy


What is Erotic Wiring™?

Erotic Wiring™ explains the 4 wirings of desires human beings want and gives you language for the unexplainable experience you really want but don’t know how to put your finger on.


It’s based in Neuroscience of how the human brain is wired, and how to use this to our advantage instead of having our wiring get in the way of intimacy, sex and fulfillment.


It’s like the love languages but for sex. Different from the Love Languages our Erotic Wiring™ can shift over time, and our desired exploration can be shift with different people and stages of life. Because the erotic self likes variety it provides an actual menu and ingredients to never run out of ‘erotic recipes’ even within a monogamous relationship.

Turning On Your Erotic Wiring™ leads to a greater understanding of yourself, your power, and gives you a new kind of sexual skill set in a non-linear fashion.

This newfound, confidence, communication, intuition, attunement, power and turn-on becomes the foundation of success in the rest of your life.


So put down the self-help book, forget the seminar or the Ted talk. 

Turn to the bedroom. Start studying the way you make love and what holds you back.



By understanding your Erotic Wiring™, you can bypass your logical brain, get out of your head, and into experiential learning. 

Sex is not logical. You won’t find the answers you seek in a book. You will find them in the bedroom.


Approaching sex through turning on your Erotic Wiring™ is a short cut to creating what you want in your life.


What's Included?

Access to premium content I use with high end private clients: Each module includes: videos, a how-to blue print, exercises, a meditation.
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Module 1
Become Erotically Unleashed. Foundation for exploring the Erotic Wiring Menu™ – You don’t ever have to think “I don’t know what I want” again

  • 1.5 hour laser coaching group call
  • The Empowered Desire™ communication approach so you have a basis for communicating in this new territory without conflict.
  • After this first Module people know the way out of the ‘sexual rut’ they are in, feel the freedom to explore new territory, release sexual shame, and get a shitload of sexy creative ideas.


Module 2

Romantic Wiring – Learn the science behind why some people need so much romance and exactly how to give them what they want. 

  • 1.5 hour laser coaching group call, practices, exercises, a romantic playlist and a meditation to unlock the subtle super powers of this Erotic Wiring™.


Module 3
Primal Wiring – Discover what has this raw passion filled wiring ready to go and why they are onto an ancient secret.

  • 1.5 hour laser coaching group call, practices, exercises, a sexy playlist and a meditation to unleash the unmediated life force of this Erotic Wiring™.


Module 4

Taboo Wiring – Play with this fiery wiring and the edges it teaches us to explore and how this wiring translates into dollars.

  • 1.5 hour laser coaching group call, practices, exercises, a naughty playlist and a meditation to explore the magic buried in the shadows of eroticism.

Module 5
Divine Wiring – Take a ride to another world of multi-orgasmic pleasure and multi-dimensional ecstasy without ever leaving your bedroom.

  • 1.5 hour laser coaching group call, practices, exercises, an infinite pleasure playlist and meditation to widen your energetic sexual capacity


Module 6

Integrating all the sections of the menu for a deliciously full life.

  • 1.5 hour laser coaching group call.
  • Advanced practices for keeping your Erotic Wiring™ consistently turned on.
  • How the 4 Erotic Wirings illuminate each other and play together to create harmony and balance in sex, relationship and life.
  •  How to avoid the pitfall that ruins most people’s sex life.

** Bonus: Private Facebook Group “Erotically Unleashed” with Q&A Lives.

-Connect with other badasses in ’Turn On Your Erotic Wiring™’

-Get premium content FB won’t let me post on my page. ;P


*** Bonus: 60 minute private coaching follow up call after program with Jamie ($600 value)

Calls start in the fall.

Cost: $2000 $1500 Early bird Investment for Individual or Couple.

You don’t need a partner to do this course. 

Limited to 10 spots to keep intimate environment where everyone gets the support they need.

In the meantime, Take the Quiz!

By application only. 

Jamie will be in touch if there is space and you are a fit for program