The Erotic Menu

A Road-Map To Your Gourmet Sex-Life


There is a treasure chest of ancient erotic intelligence that lives within each one of us. Now you have menu of what’s possible, and a recipe to follow.

Ultimately when our sexual and sensual channels are open and free of shame and judgment we not only become insanely effective human beings but we become vessels for creativity, power, passion, and play.

“Before working with Jamie my partner and I used to get in fights about sex. We have a hard time being on the same page. He said my requests were “needy” and that I always rejected his advances. He has apologized for not listening to me and I finally communicated with him about what I really want from sex. We got to explore our own personal “erotic menus” together. I told him that right now I need more romance, and he loves primal. Through Jamie’s guidance, I feel seen for the first time, and we both get what we want now.”

- H & D

Sex is the most potent energy on the planet.

It has been misused, confused and repressed.

It was your right, long before anybody told you it was wrong.

Now you get to reclaim your sovereignty and power through sex.

This menu is a tool to more fully understand, express and receive your deepest and hottest desires.

Ask yourself the question:

If my sexual desire is a guide, where is it leading me?


I invite you to approach the Erotic Menu with an open mind. This means letting go of black and white thinking and exploring the perspective that no aspect of sexuality is shameful, but rather each aspect is leading us somewhere valuable.

Using this menu clears up confusion about sexual desire and gives couples and individuals a deeper understanding of what they desire and how to ask for what they want artfully. This way, the desire occurs to their partner as an opportunity rather than an obligation. Couples are finally able create shared reality about the truth of their intimate desires.


Part 1: The Erotic Menu: Discover Your Erotic Taste

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“The erotic menu has opened an incredible dialogue where now I actually have a working language to talk about my desires with my husband in concrete terms he understands. It changes, just like I do, but our sex is so different now… it’s what I have always wanted but didn’t know how to talk about. It’s so sexy to receive what I asked for and now he’s opening up more and giving me feedback on what he really wants!”

- L & S

“I thought I had lost attraction for my wife. I realized it was that I was repressing my true sexual desire for her because I loved her so much. I’m so grateful for the clarity that Jamie’s support with Erotic Menu has given me to help take my desires out of my fantasy world and into my real-world sex life… with my wife! I thought my desires were “taboo” and not ok. She showed me that there has an entire section of the erotic menu dedicated to people like me with kinky desires. My wife responded differently to my risqué ideas and with this new context, actually enjoyed them too. We have deeper trust and connection, and a fulfilling sex life.”

- S & E