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Jamie Elizabeth Thomson

Jamie Elizabeth Thompson has developed a holistic body of work to support women, men and couples with letting go of limiting patterns around sex so they can have a fulfilling intimate life and taste their most exquisite erotic expression. She is a radical contributor to the field of Sex Education and pioneering original and lasting solutions for challenges in sex & intimacy.

She speaks about sexual transmutation, the spark of erotic life force in all things, sex magic and how creative life force can be channeled into manifesting your truest desires.

Over the last fifteen years in the field of transformation, Jamie has studied many modalities including Tantric and Taoist philosophy, Hermeticism and natural law, as well as Quantum Mechanics and Neuroscience. She studied in an unconventional Jungian, Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology training program for seven years with mentor Dr. Karl Wolfe, where she became an assistant facilitator of his body of work.

In tandem, Jamie trained at the International School of Temple Arts and other advanced curated mystery school temple arts trainings. She trained for two years and facilitated as an assistant for Prisma Leadership, collaborated with the Temple of Wholeness to create a blueprint for feminine ritual and embodiment, and trained in and practiced orgasmic meditation and sensually embodied movement. In addition to these training programs, Jamie has had many mentors and experiences with which she has cultivated an intimate knowledge of mystic traditions, temple arts, sacred sexuality and sensual embodiment.

Jamie is the founder of Awakened Woman, a curriculum and community for women to reconnect with their feminine sensuality, power and turn on their orgasmic potential. Hundreds of womens have taken her group courses and attended her retreats.

She has led workshops in five countries. Facilitating “edge-pushing” “enlivening” experiences is one of her greatest joys. One of her most popular workshops, The Erotic Menu (hyperlink) is the high-powered human’s guide to a gourmet sex-life. She also leads Sensually Embodied Movement experiences for women and The Tao of Lap Dancing workshop for couples at festivals, masterminds and retreats.

Website: jamieelizabeththompson.com
Women’s Courses: awakenedwoman.life
Facebook: facebook.com/missjamieelizabeth
Instagram: instagram.com/holisticsexcoach