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“We were in a rut sexually when we met Jamie. Working with her opened a new terrain of exploration and we started having the best sex of our lives.”
– Will

Is there any way you are not being fully met sexually or intimately by your partner? Take this quiz to uncover your personal Erotic Wiring™ and find out what specific wiring is currently missing and how to reconnect it. Reignite that spark you have been looking for.

“I felt like there was more and I wanted something more out of sex.  After working with Jamie I discovered there’s a whole new world of ways to tap into our connection”
– Kati



Are you or your partner curious about how to explore edgy or taboo desires? Find out if your relationship is ready. Maybe you don’t feel a 100% fit with black and white monogamy, but you are not interested in polyamory… Here’s your 3 part guide: BEFORE, DURING & AFTER – Safely explore the “grey zone”.



“We are busy entrepreneurs who travel and work a lot and time is of the essence so we needed to learn to move through conflict quickly.  This is why we love Jamie.  It’s such a relief to finally work with someone where results happen so fast.  She has a unique way of helping me translate what Libby has been trying to tell me for years so we can find a resolution and get back to what we want to be doing”
– Andy


Want to be lit up by all aspects of your sex, intimacy and relationship? Once you have the tools to navigate intimate challenges with open and loving communication nothing can stand in your way.


Hi there,

It’s a pleasure to meet you. Helping high caliber people like you navigate intimate desire and challenges with loving, open communication is my life’s mission. You deserve to be completely met, deeply connected and profoundly satisfied in your relationship and sex life.

Let me guide you and your partner (or just you if you’re currently single) through exploring your Erotic Wiring™ and expanding your Erotic Menu™, giving you the tools to get all of your intimate needs met, safely and with integrity, so you can have the fulfillment you’ve been seeking. Watch how this lights up the rest of your life.

This is your invitation to step into the pleasure and possibility so many others have discovered in their intimate life. Whether you have a partner yet or not, if you want to create the relationship and sex life of your dreams, send me a message. Let’s see if I can help.

“Your erotic life is the greatest personal resource no one ever taught you how to use.”

With love,




“Before we started with Jamie I didn’t like the direction we were headed. We were bickering and I was shutting down to my wife’s desires, the sexual distance between us was growing. Today I went up to my wife and was kissing her neck and playing with her hair, which is something she’s asked for that I’ve been doing a lot more now. Our daughter was playing with toys and she got quiet. She was looking at us with so much joy. It was a good reminder that the example we set around her is important. I felt proud of my life and my relationship. It meant a lot.”
-M & R


Jamie’s brilliant guidance has taught us how to connect and communicate in a whole new way. Things that have been blocking intimacy for years are no longer an issue because we’re able to openly share what we need from each other, emotionally and in the bedroom. This newfound clarity about my own needs and the courage to express myself is totally rocking my world!”
-A & W



“I was seeking help for a specific issue we were facing for the last three years. We had hired and fired a couple other therapists who didn’t even come close to helping us in the way Jamie did.. In the very first session Jamie helped us experience movement from a threesome gone wrong we had been stuck in for years. I continue to be blown away by her skill level as a coach and the way she gets a couple to really understand and hear what the other is trying to say.”



“We were in a rut sexually when we met Jamie. Working with her opened a new terrain of exploration and we started having the best sex of our lives. We did things we had never done before and started having more fun. Not only in the bedroom, we also opened up new connection and sensuality in our relationship. We’ve done a lot of self development work, and we thought we knew a lot about sex, but working with Jamie has expanded our understanding of what’s possible erotically. She’s a true master.”



“I felt like there was more and I wanted something more out of sex. After working with Jamie I discovered there’s a whole new world of ways to tap into our connection. I feel a greater facility now, our intimate life feels exciting and inspiring. There’s a greater sense of playfulness in our relationship as a whole. “



“Working with Jamie we learned how to communicate effectively. Now we are able to open up to each other sexually, we’re exploring and it’s a lot of fun! We are on solid footing and we have tools to handle the truth as it comes up. If we start to get in a sexual rut we come back to those tools.”
-B & M



“Investing in working with Jamie was hands down the best choice I’ve made so far. My connection with pleasure and desire deepened, I cultivated greater intimacy in my relationship, and my ability to stand for my own needs strengthened. These things that felt just out of reach are now my new normal!”
-A. J.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Jamie Elizabeth Thompson – Holistic Sex & Intimacy Coaching

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